Suzuki Cars World Statistics

'Value packed products' manufacturing at the advanced facilities with a maximum utilization of the production systems

Suzuki around the world

In addition to our six manufacturing plants in Japan, we have another major production facilities in 26 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America and Australasia.

As well as helping us to serve our worldwide customer base more effective, our operations provide employment opportunities and vital economic benefits for communities in developing countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon and Vietmen.

Visit any of our manufacturing centres and you’ll find state –of-the-art technology, backed up by rigorous quality assurance process.

More importantly, you’ll also discover a culture based on communication, teamwork and initiative, resulting in outstanding productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction.

Our main manufacturing plants in Japan

Takatsuka – Motorcycle engines + Headoffice – 8,220 employees

Kosai – Passenger cars and components – 2,760 employees

Iwata –Commercial vehicles vehicles and 4x4 – 1,930 employees

Toyokawa – Motorcycles and outbound motors – 690 employees

Sagara – Automobile engines and castings – 520 employees

Osuka – Motorcycles and automobile castings – 490 employees