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Regular servicing will maintain your car's overall performance and optimise fuel consumption. It will also help to keep it running efficiently throughout its life. We recommend that you service your Suzuki once a year or every 15,000 or 20,000* km, whichever comes first. Check your vehicle’s service booklet for full details.

 *For correct servicing intervals and pre-2002 registrations, please refer to your owner’s pack or contact your local Suzuki Dealer.

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the experts in oil for your Suzuki - Motul

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When it comes to recommending the oil for your Suzuki there is only really one choice



They’ve been our lubricant partner for over 30 years and together we’ve won world and national championships with our high-performance motorcycles. Motul only make oil and they even invented synthetic oil!



  • 1958 they introduced the first multi-grade lubricant.
  • 1966 they created the first semisynthetic lubricant.
  • 1971 saw the first fully synthetic 4-stroke lubricant on the market utilising Ester technology.
  • 2011 introduced Ester Core Technology through 300V Motorsport line and 300V Factory line.
  • and in 2016, they launched the first ever hybrid-specific 100% synthetic lubricant range on the market.

That’s why, Suzuki only recommends Motul.



Motul has always looked to innovate and lead the way within the lubricant industry. They have proven this consistently over the past 60 years.

Motul bottle with Suzuki products

Find out if there are any safety recalls or service campaigns on your vehicle


Suzuki is committed to working within the Code of Practice on safety defects, so sometimes during the life of a vehicle, parts may have to be replaced under a manufacturer's safety recall or service campaign. Both safety recalls and service campaigns are performed free of charge.

Safety Recalls

Recalls address defects that relate to vehicle safety. Under a safety recall, the last known owner to Suzuki is notified and invited to visit their local Dealer.

Service Campaigns

A service campaign is necessary when a Suzuki part is not performing to its optimum standard but the modification is not considered to be safety related.

Don't know where to find your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?

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Our Suzuki

Trained Technicians

As Suzuki built your car, you can trust us to know all there is to know about servicing and maintaining your vehicle. Our Suzuki trained technicians only use Suzuki Genuine Parts which help maintain the efficiencies of your Suzuki.

We pride ourselves on having the very highest standards for quality, and the staff in our Dealer network use this philosophy to build their services completely around your convenience.


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